About us

Amrita Art is a film production and distribution company founded in 2013 and based in Sofia. It is the first one in Bulgaria which produces high budget feature films investing exclusively its own private financial resources.

The goals of our company are to keep producing more films in different genres with expanding at international level for filming and co-production. We are also interested in attracting famous international actors.


“Lyubimetz 13” national award for excellence in acting for film – 2015, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

Award for best historical drama - Artisan Festival International Cannes World Cinema Initiative 2015, France

Crew and talents

Zlatina Filipova
Dr. Zlatina Filipova
Dr. Zlatina Filipova, CEO, founder, producer

Zlatina is a dermatologist, film producer and sole investor. She was born in Burgas, Bulgaria. More than 20 years she practices aesthetic dermatology in Abu Dhabi, Malta and Bulgaria. She founded Amrita Art Film Company in 2013. Zlatina invested one of the largest sum of money ever spent for a feature film production in Bulgaria for her first film “Levski” (2015). Her next film is „Inches from the Ground” (2016).

Maxim Genchev
Maxim Genchev, director, scriptwriter, actor

Maxim was born on the September 28, 1954 in Bulgaria. Maxim graduated in the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy “Kr. Sarafov” in 1980 under professor K. Azarian. He worked 20 years as an actor in major Bulgarian theaters and over 30 international and national film productions and TV series. In 2007 he started his career as a film director and writer: “Geratzite” (2008), “On the sidewalk throne” (2010, documentary), “Intruder” (2010), “Levski” (2015), “Inches from the Ground” (2016).


Desislava Kovacheva
Desislava Kovacheva, associate producer, executive producer

Desislava graduated in Piano and Art Management at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv and Public Administration in South-West University. She started her film career in 2008 producing the independent feature “Geratzite” and is also known as a producer of “Intruder” (2010) and “On the sidewalk throne” (2010). In “Levski” (2015) and “Inches from the Ground” (2016) she is an executive producer.

Simeon Filipov
Simeon Filipov, actor

Simeon was born in 2003 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He lives there until 2014, after that - in Malta. He has acted in children's plays since he was 5 years old. At the age of 9 Simeon was chosen for the role of the little Vasil in the film "Levski" (2015), and the year after for the leading role in "Inches from the Ground " (2016). He played Yago the parrot in the musical "Aladin", stage production of "Stagecoach" drama class in Malta.

Matey Genchev
Matey Genchev, actor

Matey was born in 1999 in Sofia. He is the director of two short films: “The Camera is Set” and “Seven”. Matey acted in the leading role in the short film “The Root” (2009) and in supporting roles in “Levski” (2015) and “Inches from the Ground” (2016). In August 2016 he is going to take a leading part in the children`s comedy “Treasure Hunters”.

Nikolay Ninov
Nikolay Ninov, production designer, scenographer

Nikolay was born in 1954. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. Nikolay has won several national awards in Theatrical Scenography in Bulgaria. From 1999 he is a member of NABET, Canada. He is known with his work on dozens of Canadian TV and film productions.

Grudev - Rocko
Ruslan Grudev - Rocko
Ruslan Grudev - Rocko, postproduction supervisor

Rocko has been working as an editor on numerous TV and Cinema productions in Bulgaria over the last 17 years. Amongst them are: "Glass House" (TV series, a criminal drama, 36 episodes of 90 min. each, 2011-2012), "The Tree Of Life" (TV series, a historical drama, 2013). He has made the pilot episodes and started to work for the feature film "The Savior" (2014), dir. Robert Savo. Between movie editing periods Rocko edited hundreds of shorts, documentaries, commercials, music videos, TV shows, theatrical presentations, corporate videos, EPKs, etc.

Rocko is currently studying Film and TV Directing in South Eastern University, Bulgaria, in the class of the award-winning film director Kostadin Bonev.

In the feature films “Levski” (2015) and “Inches from the Ground” (2016) Rocko is a postproduction supervisor.

Neshka Karadzhinska
Neshka Karadzhinska, assistant director, assistant producer

Neshka is a director, producer and cinematographer born in 1986 in Sofia. In 2012 she graduated in Cinema and Television Directing and Cinematography in New Bulgarian University. One year later she completed an internship program for producers in the production company Chouchkov Brothers.

A director, writer and producer of the short films “Pawnshop” (2011) and “Does It Make Sense When It Doesn`t Make Sense?!” (documentary, 2008). Both films have been presented at more than 40 national and international festivals and cultural events and brought her 9 awards and nominations for best short and best first film, direction and production.

Angelov - Tsuki
Tsvetomir Angelov - Tsuki
Tsvetomir Angelov - Tsuki, actor

Tsvetomir was born in Pleven in 1981. Graduates with bachelor`s degree on performing arts and puppet theatre under prof. Rumen Rachev and prof. Lyubomir Gurbev.

He has played in theatre performances in Sofia and Kurdzhali, Bulgaria, TV-series and commercial videos.

Tsvetomir`s professional background in the cinema includes roles in the feature films  “Operation Shmenti Capelli” (2011) by Vladislav Karamfilov, “The Saviour” (2014) by Robert Savo, “Automata” (2014) by Gabe Ibáñez, “Levski” (2015) by Maxim Genchev. In “Inches from the Ground” (2016) by Maxim Genchev. Tsvetomir is in the leading role.

Veselin Plachkov
Veselin Plachkov, actor

Ivaylo Asparuhov
Ivaylo Asparuhov, actor

Ivaylo was born in 1979 in the town of Pernik, Bulgaria. Graduates in Stage Acting in the Theatre College “Luben Groys” in 2004. In 2010 he completed a course for cinema acting in Team Actors, Bulgaria.

He has several roles in the theatre. His first film appearances and roles ware in the short film by Kalevi Puukko “High Hopes” (2004) the TV production “A Legend for the White Boar” (2004) and “Don Gnocchi – L`angelo dei bimbi” (2004) by Cinzia Torrini. Ivaylo is also well known for his roles in several TV-series and short films in the past 3 years. In 2013 he took part in “Automata” directed by Gabe Ibáñez.

Ivaylo had two major roles in the films “Levski” (2015)  and “Inches from the Ground” (2016).

Desislava Chuturkova
Desislava Chuturkova, actress

Desislava was born in Varna, Bulgaria. She graduated in the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy “Kr. Sarafov”. After that she specialized in the Atlantic Acting School in New York where she explored the actor`s profession according to David Mamet.

Over the years Desislava played in the biggest theatres in Sofia, Varna and Gabrovo in Bulgaria. In 2007 she found the theater group “Up the Ladder” and from 2010 on she is an assistant in the class of prof. Rumen Rachev in the Academy.

Desislava started her film career as a student. She played in several short films, Italian TV-series and two feature films in major roles: “Geratzite” (2008) and “Inches from the Ground” (2016).

Evgeni Budinov
Evgeni Budinov, actor

Evgeni was born on June 20, 1981 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied acting at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts. He is acting on the stage of The National Theater "Ivan Vazov" company and Little City Theater "Off the Channel", where there are more than 25 roles, including "Marriage" by Gogol, "The glass menagerie" by Tennessee Williams and "Rosencrantz and Guildenstem are dead" by Tom Stoppard.

He has leading and supporting roles in the cinema among which are "Footsteps in the sand" (2010), "Monkeys in Winter" (2006), "Trip to Jerusalem" (2003), "Rapid Response Corps" (2012), "Rapid Response Corps 2: Nuclear Threat" (2014) and "Levski" (2015). In the film “Inches from the Ground” (2016) Evgeni plays one of the major roles.

Stoyan Cvetkov
Stoyan Cvetkov, actor

Stoyan was born in 1980 in Petrich, Bulgaria. In 2002 graduates in South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in Drama acting in the class of prof. Dimitar Yanbastiev and Zlatko Pavlov.

Stoyan has a considerable experience in film and TV-series dubbing. His voice is one of the most recognizable ones in Bulgaria. From 1999 to 2008 he played in several theatre productions in Blagoevgrad.

Stoyan played roles in the feature films “Türkisches Gambit: 1877 - Die Schlacht am Bosporus” (2005) by Dzhanik Fayziev and “Levski” (2015) by Maxim Genchev. He took parts also in the TV-series “Under Cover” (2011) and two short films.

Goran Gunchev
Goran Gunchev, actor, stunt coordinator

Goran was born in 1979 in Sofia.  He grew up in Stara Zagora, practicing equestrian sports and karate kyokushinkai. At the age of 19 he became a national youth champion.

From 2001 he is an instructor in the Baga-Tur school in fighting skills and stunts with horses. From 2003 Goran is a chief choreographer of the School`s live performance spectacle.

In the last 10 years Goran works also as a stunt and action scenes coordinator and actor in Bulgarian and international film and video productions.

Goran was a stunt coordinator and played in supporting roles in the films “Levski” (2015) and “Inches from the Ground” (2016).

Petyo Cekov
Petyo Cekov, actor

Petyo is a Bulgarian actor born in Vidin on June 12, 1970. In 2002 he graduates as an actor and in 2013 as a theatre director in the South-West University "Neofit Rilski". Petyo practices in theatre plays, films and TV-productions. Feature films: „Levski“ (2015), „Rome at the Rhine”, „My father, my mother, my sister“, etc. TV-series: „Shmenti Capelli: The Legend“, „The Family“, etc.

Cvetomir Nechev
Cvetomir Nechev, actor

Cvetomir was born in 1981 in Pleven, Bulgaria. He has graduated in the Theatre College “Luben Groys” in the class lead by prof. Elena Baeva.

Cvetomir has worked in the Theater “Ivan Radoev” in Pleven. From 2004 he is known for his roles in the theater plays “The Catcher in the Rye”, “The Collection” in the “Nikolay Binev” Youth Theatre in Sofia and many others (over 30 plays).

Cvetomir took parts in the feature films “Levski” (2015) and “Inches from the Ground” (2016) where he is in one of the supporting roles. 

Ivan Mitev
Ivan Mitev, actor

Ivan Mitev Ivanov was born on June 9, 1954 in the village of Vetrenci, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Ivan graduated in the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy “Kr. Sarafov” in 1980 in the class of prof. Sasho Stoyanov. He has 35 years of experience as a professional theatre actor with over 100 main and central roles and almost the same amount of supporting ones in all genres.

Ivan has played in 15 film productions and in several TV-films.

In “Inches from the Ground” (2016) he was in one of the supporting roles.